The GNLD Difference

GNLD approaches business in a manor not used by many companies today. The owners of the original 3 companies (Golden Products, Neo-Life and Diamite) - today called GNLD, decided right from the outset, 50 years ago, to approach business from a 'reverse' angle. Instead of aiming at money and finding any old product to sell, they would aim at world class, unique products, products that really worked, and the money would inevitably follow. They were right!

They assembled some of the world's pinnacle scientists in the fields of human health - from nutrition to cleaning products. As a result the Scientific Advisory Board was born. Later the "Global Science Network was formed - where research into Nutrition from basically all of the world's top Research imstitutions was funneled through to the "Scientific Advisory Board". Recently GNLD has formed the "Health Professionals Council" to liaise between distributors who are indeed health professionals and the distributors.

These Scientists decided that they in turn would create unique products in the opposite way to other companies. Instead of setting out to manufacture 'vitamins' (or 'organic isolates') that, hopefully would do something, they would study the world's populations and try to see which cultures had the lowest incidence various diseases, e.g. Which population had the lowest incidence of Heart Disease or which population had the lowest incidence of various cancers. They then did indepth scientific research into their diets to see what it was that conferred this effect on these people.

Next they sourced the pure foods that these folks ate (GNLD decided to be involved in the soil preparation, plant growth and harvesting as well as extraction of the ingredients that made a difference). In other words, GNLD areinvolved in their products from the soil all the way to ensuring that the containers that house their products are disposed are bio-degradable.

As a result GNLD ended up being a pioneering company. They invented technology that was not available at the time in order to produce products up to their standards. They were the first company to use amino acid chelation of their minerals in order to ensure cell absorption. They were the first company to introduce amino acid double chelated Cal-Mag to the world - and in the correct 2:1 ratio. They invented the gelatine capsule so that their vitamin and carotenoid and oil extracts coud be stored in an oxygen free environment. In fact GNLD is responsible to more than 30 world first in nutrition alone.

Making a difference in people's lives in terms of Health, Wealth &and Happiness.

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