Monday Night Training - It does not have to be a Monday night.

This is only a general outline. There are 12 training lessons that will train you in most aspects of your GNLD business. It doesn't have to be 12 weeks - you decide. But, above all, make sure that your training does not exceed 1 hour.

NOTE: The actual 12 week training cycles can be found on

Bear in mind that GNLD is like learning to swim you can't learn it from a book. You have to DO it. Training should be for 1 hour per week over 12 weeks.

Once you have completed the training it is your turn to train your people the 12 week cycle!!

Our purpose for having it on the internet is in case you have folks who live far away out of town. They will be able to train themselves.

Guests are absolutely welcome to all GNLD training, especially Monday night training.

1. Motivational Saying e.g. "Winners Never Quit, Quitters never win!" - Change every week.

2. Products: Study at least 4 products per week and over 12 weeks you will have worked through all of them.
NOTE: All the products are dealt with in detail on the Internet at GNLD's official web-site - Search for the products you wish to learn about.
HINT: Give your active team members homework: one product each - to go and read up on. This absolutely the best way for them to learn the products. They should come to the meeting and do a 1 or 2 min talk on their product. Tell them to try not to get technical - rather talk about what the products do for people! Product Stories are always the best.

3. Recognition - always recognise people for their efforts. eg.
- Congratulations for making it to training.
- Who bought products this past week?
- Who is coming to the Weekend Funcion?
- Any new Managers?
- Any new Senior Managers?
- Any new Directors? - Congratulations

4. THIS WEEKS TEACHING TOPIC - Every week you can work on ONE aspect of the business.

5. Other important Knowledge A chance to learn some other aspect of Network marketing.

6. Notices: Read out the events and other notices / info for the future. Most of the WesternCape's notices can be found on:
NB: EVERY WEEK motivate folks to attend the weekend functions - they really are extremely useful for many reasons.

7. Motivational Close. Ask someone to close the training with something motivating - preferably someone who is doing something in his/her business!

But above all HAVE FUN - It's a fun business!!!