Global Science Network
Expanding the Expertise Behind GNLD products.

Literally spanning the globe, this network includes scientists and researches from universities, laboratories and institutes, both public and private, each selected from their unique areas of expertise their particular qualifications and research capabilities.

As well respected leaders in their fields, GNLD's SAB members are also highly regarded participants in the global scientific community. GNLD recognizes that it is not always possible to remain current with all the latest findings in science even with our own SAB, and therefore decided to establish a Global Science Network (GSN). The Scientific Advisory Board regularly calls upon the considerable talents of this global network of researchers, product technicians and engineers.

GNLD believes this is necessary to ensure the quality and purity of raw materials and the efficacy and biocompatibility of finished products. The network includes prestigious research partners such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Centers for Disease Control, the United Nations and others.

Making a difference in people's lives in terms of Health, Wealth &and Happiness.

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